How to create theme with your picture(s) for flipbook?

3DPageFlip professional is equipped with so many free pre-design theme resources for users, which however, some people may want to use the avenue to create their desire style theme. This is very easy to do with "3DPageFile professional " program or app or software.

Creating a professional theme with your picture(s) is made easy with this guide below.
Step1: Launch the program and select "FLOAT" under design settings

Step2: Hover your mouse to design settings panel and locate the "Background config." and choose "image" in the background type panel and select your picture from your computer storage and click open after selection.

Step3: Choose basic setting that suite your desire via "Tool Bar settings".

Step4: Finally, click "FILES" panel and export current settings as theme, thereafter select your folder and save and you will get your file extension inform of *.thm. And you are absolutely done with your theme creation using 3DPageFile professional software or app or program.

NOTE: Some custom settings can be done to make your theme a unique theme and more professional

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