How to design flipping book with dynamic background?

3DPageFile professional offers different kind of dynamic scenes. Double clicking the scenes in the software will effect the background by showing dynamic effect of flipping book which will make it more attractive and beautiful.

The steps below provide step-by-step guide on how to design flipping book with a dynamic background effect.

Step1: Launch the program after successful installation and then click on the "TEMPLATE" panel to choose the "FLOAT" template style and click the template to apply.

Note: Dynamic scenes only work with float template style.

Step2: On the program interface, click on "SCENES" panel and some build in scenes will appear under it. Double click to apply a dynamic scene and you have rightly created a flipping book with a dynamic scene and if none of the dynamic is satisfy, follow step 3.

Step3: On the scenes panel, double click on "NONE" scene at the top to conceal.

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