How to download Flash book

When reading flash book many people find it interesting and want to share it with their friends mostly on social network which can still be achieved but if offline sharing there will be need for downloading such Flash book. Therefore its often important to show or enable the download button on "3D PageFile" software so that it can easily download FLASH  file or eBook while reading and thereby making the sharing so easy even via email as well.

Following the two step guide below you will be capable of downloading and sharing FLASH eBook after or during reading

Step1: Search download feature through the 3D PageFile search bar and choose show from the drop down menu to SHOW download Button.

Step2: In the downloading process under "DOWNLOAD" TYPE, choose "DOWNLOAD FILE" instead of "DOWNLOAD URL" for easy downloading and you downloaded file will be located in "bookdirectory/files/download" or you can rather choose desktop to save your downloading eBook.