How to recover deleted file by virtue on Windows/Mac OS.

Many time will mistakenly delete file(s) on our system out of consciousness and invariably, most of those files cannot be recover back if they were deleted by the use of this command "SHIFT DEL", but with this tutorial, there is 105% assurance for you that if it’s strictly followed you will be able to recover all deleted data or files on your system using Aidfile.
If you haven't gotten this app already, Google search it.
The recovering step(s) will be discussed on a two facet which are:
Step1: Launch the program on your PC, then click on "UNDELETE" and hover your mouse to the "NEXT" button.
Step2: Select the driver where the deleted file was initially stored and hover your mouse to "NEXT" button to proceed.

Step3: After the "NEXT" button the program will start to scan for deleted file on the selected drive.

Step4: Select the entire/ appropriate file(s), you want to recover back and hover your mouse to the "START RECOVER" button and click it to start recovering


Following it wisely from step1 and proceed from there in this section (I will continue the second phase with step2)

Step2: Select the driver where the deleted was initially stored, then "TICK" scan free space by file type (might take much time)

Step3: A new window will pop up showing the "Depth scanning ", then select all the file you intent recovering back and click OK button. The system will start scanning for recovering files

Step4: Then, finally select the drive and hover you "MOUSE" to "START RECOVER" and the program will start recovering you deleted files by virtue.

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