How to recover deleted file or data instead of formating

Deleted file can be recovered or restored back if the deleted file/data were stored on system partition.
For the purpose of recovering deleted files or data on you system I'll suggest you shut down your computer and remove your hard drive to another computer to recover your data , since new data will be written into the system partition at any fucking time (Virtual memory) since any newly written data will cover the deleted data space else if the data were on another partition, I'll suggest all running app or program must be closed and not even one of the file must be check on explore since the system will write new data name "Thumb.db" on your system partition and all deleted files will be damaged or corrupt.
In other perspective, recovering a deleted data on your system can as well take this dimension for recovering procedure.

"Aid file recovering"    do it all without any hindrances or disturbance from the program.

The program helps to recover deleted files or folders which are often permanently deleted by "SHIFT+DEL", deleted from recycle bin, recover files lost by un-installing software or virus or data/file that are deleted by mistake etc.

The details below provide step-by-step procedure used to recover deleted data back to your system partition if "NO OTHER DATA" has taken the space of the deleted data.

Step1: Launch Aids file recovering program and select "UNDELETE", then click next to proceed.

Step2: Then select the system drive where your data were deleted from.

Step3: The program will start scanning the file already deleted from your system partition.

Step4: Select all the data you want to recover and click "START RECOVER" very close to the right hand side of the program bottom page and you are done thereafter.

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