How to recover format file on Windows

Are you experience error message on your PC software, such as partition error message, virus attack.

If all these are what you are experiencing on your PC and by virtue of grace you've stumble upon this article then the problem is solved.

Recovering deleted data on your Windows operating system could be somehow difficult but with
"Aidfile" the process in very minutes.

The details below provide step by step guide on how to recover deleted data on Windows operating system.

Step1: Launch the program on your PC

Step2: From the program main interface select "UNFORMAT" panel
on your system that lead to deletion of some data on your PC, error message during booting up, partition logic error etc.

Step3: Select the driver you want to recover from your PC

Step4: Set the format property from the program interface and click OK.

Step5: Click on the preview button to view all the items/files on the selected driver.

Step6: From the preview page, tick the files you want to recover and click on the "RECOVER" button.

Step7: After successful recovering of data, the screen below display and then click OK button and you are done.

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