How to recover formatted drive(s) data?

Do you really believe you can recover all \your file(s) back after been formatted?
As matter of fact, when a drive is been formatted all installed programs/app, eBooks, photo/pictures, music etc. will be deleted permanently  except the drive is backed up somewhere else such as backing it up on external drive.

But am telling your categorically that stumbling upon this article and taking your time to go through it, you will leave a comment about the notion that when a drive is been formatted it cannot be recover back or can be recovered.
"Aidfile" is an awesome app; many of us have this app on our PC but don't really know and understand its effectiveness and how useful it is. Before I proceed to the main tutorial, if you have not gotten the program on your PC or if you don't have a way to the raw file, then you can download from Google search engine.

Step1: Download, install and launch the program on your PC after successful installation of the program.

Step2: Form the main interface, click on "UNFORMAT".

Step3: Select the drives you want to recover data back from and click "NEXT" to proceed.

Step4: A pop up window will appear, and then click on the "OK" button.

Step5: The program will start scanning for formatted file.

Step6: Select the file(s) or data you want to recover back after format and then hover your "MOUSE" to "START RECOVER" after proper selection.

NOTE: You can perform this step again on different drive to recover formatted data back to life.


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