How to recover Formatted flash-drive data

Flash can often be referred to as USB flashdrive, which is the most convenient storage devices before the invention of

portable hard drive or disc.

Since flash drive does not haave platter, spindle etc it can as well be formatted as a normal hard drive.

What is formatting: Formating is the way of removing data that are stored on  a flash drive.
"Aid file recovering" is a reocevering program that was designed to recover data

after format.

The tutorial below is equiped with the details on how to recover a formatted flash drive data.

NOTE: Although the steps aare just like a computer data recovering but the major difference between themboth is that; you

must connect your formatted flash drive to yuor computer.

Step1: Launh the program (Aidfile recovering) on you PC and select "Unformat".

Step2: Select you flash drive from the  list of drives that display after the above step.

Step3: Select format "Recovering" properties after the step above.

Step4: And now, all formatted data on the flash drive will be display and then tick the data you intend recovering back.

Step5: Click " START RECOVER" button to start recovering all the selected files from the above step(4).

Good luck

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