How to remove PDF file password

Many a time we password our PDF file for security purpose most especially when our PC/LAPTOP/SYSTEM are vulnerable to public use and to avoid multiple access to our privacy, sometimes something necessary must be done and to avoid bad appellation from our colleague about been stingy in release of your PC for your friends since you are having a vital documents that deserve privacy which requires no option other than password.
But, days after, weeks after week and months after month when the need for the document will be mostly needed but there comes a problem about remembering the password earlier used for a security reason and there comes the usefulness of this tutorial on how to remove password from your password "PDF" file.

PDF password removal is a user friendly program used to remove password from "PDF" which you (owner) had password for security reasons.

The details below provide a step-by-step guide on how to remove password from a "PDF" file on Windows

Step1: Launch the program after installation on your PC

Step2:  Click on the "OPEN PDF" panel to import the PDF file you would like to remove the password.

Step3: Enter a "NAME" for the new "PDF" file and click on the "SAVE" button.

Step4: The screen below will display with the status of your "PDF" file, i.e. succeed.

NOTE: The original file might not be useful again.

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