How to save created themes for later use on 3D PageFlip

Creating your theme on Page Flip is very easy though, even with either of the packages of the program (3D Page Flip Standard or Professional) which you can design your theme without or little stress.

*Read* How to creates theme for 3D Page Flipping book.

Haven't went through the link above, you must be able to create your eBook theme now without any hindrances or difficulties, Follow the guide below to understand the clue required of you to save your created theme for future use.
Step1: Launch the 3D program on your PC and click: Customize eBook via the design panel---> Set logo file---> logo link--->Base colour--->tilt angle--->background---> etc. and click "Apply change" to implement settings.

Step2: To make use of the created theme as at when due click "FILE" and click "Import theme" and then select .thm file from your theme location and choose the imported theme in template interface for use.
Good luck

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