How to setup remote desktop on Windows 8?

Almost everybody is familiar with this great function of remote control on Windows 8 which makes watching television easier on your Windows  8.

This remote function on your Windows tells you that it is not only your television, DVD player, etc. that can be remotes right from a stationary position.
This function of Windows enables you to control your machine or computer from different location such as controlling your computer while at work.

Following this tutorial step wisely, you'll be able to setup a remote connection on your Windows 8.

Step1: Before you can make use of this feature, the first thing is to "ENABLE REMOTE ACCESS".How do I enable remote access? Right click on the bottom left corner of the Window and select "SYSTEM" and all the Windows basic specification will be display including the system model number, CPU configuration etc.

Step2: Hover your mouse to the left hand pane and select  target “REMOTE SETTING" and allow remote connection under "REMOTE DESKTOP".

Step3: After that, hit the "APPLY" button and you have successfully enable remote connection on your WINDOWS 8