How to speed up remote connection on Windows 8?

In my previous post I showed you How to set up Remote Desktop Connection which enables you to connect your computer to a remote computer to helping you in doing your work with limited or without stresses, which can as well be used in troubleshooting friend's computer.
Nonetheless, it is often useless having a well set-up connection but take forever to connect to a remote computer or machine,
this is what however lead us to this tutorial on how to speed up your desktop remote connection.

Step1: Right click on the bottom left corner of the windows and select "RUN" to launch or enable remote desktop.

Step2: In the search box, type "mstsc" without quote and hit the "OK" button to proceed.

Step3: On the next interface, click "SHOW OPTIONS".

NOTE: Be very much care hereafter else you mess up the whole thing

Step4: Click on the "DISPLAY" tab and under the "CONFIGURATION" menu, hover your mouse to the left sidebar to reduce the size of the "SCREEN" when you connect to the host.

NOTE: The lower the screen size, the faster the remote desktop control.

Step5: Under the "COLOURS" menu, hit the drop down menu to make changes to the quality.

NOTE: The lower the quality the faster your desktop remote connection.

Step6: Hover your mouse to "EXPERIENCE" tab and move to "PERFORMANCE" section and in the drop down menu, change the connection speed to "56kbps" under the "Modem”.

 Understanding the above steps is very essential if really you want to speed your desktop remote  connection.  

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