How to view all your whatsapp contact image?

The rate in which whatsapp app is growing now a days is extremely very high because of the flexibility of the app and for its users friendly makes people to love it than almost all existing mobile application such as 2go and all the like. This tutorial has d notion of providing a guide line on how to view all whatsapp contact picture on your smartphone(symbian) to be precise. View all contact picture on your requires only one popular app which i think all smartphone(symbian) users must have on his/her phone. The app is no one other than 'X-plore', you can Google search the app or download from and follow the app instruction to install it on your device.
Step1: Launch file x-plore on your device Step2: Click on your device memory card (E:/) and click on 'IMAGE' and then click on'WhatsApp' under image folder and click any of the file under 'WhatsApp' and it'll display a picture of one of you Whatsapp friends contact and you can as well click on the next one to view in sequential other.

NOTE: Without file x-plore you cannot view all the images on your whatsapp contact list except the one your friend share with you!!! Good-luck

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