How to view CPU info in Linux

In Windows there is a specific app that enables you to learn more about your CPU and system hardware which is called CPU-Z but if you are a LINUX user, this application doesn’t work on LINUX, therefore, to obtain CPU info in LINUX some steps must be embark upon.

Following this tutorial you will be revealed to tow great app that can be used to obtain your LINUX CPU information.

1. CPU-G: This app is more or less CPU-Z except that it only works on LINUX. This app allows you to view CPU info in LINUX including the Motherboard, Memory, Graphic and all the like.
Visit CPU-G to download CPU-G for your LINUX

2. I-NEX: This app is more efficient than CPU-Z in some areas. This app provides more info than CPU-Z and display the info in a way that it will be very easy to read.

Both app are reliable and OK but priority may set in as a result of individual differences.

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