How to watch FLV video format on Ipod

Ipod is a media device from the stable of Apple with different versions which are iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Classic.

Having possess either of the version, you can make do with many things on the device but the question is "How can you watch FLV video on iPod"?.

FLV is an online program used to stream video online while surfing the internet with virtually strong network but have not you seen a desirable video while surfing the internet and want to watch it at will on you iPod
device?, This guide provide stepwise guide on how to watch FLV video on iPod using "FLV video converter"
Step1: Download and install the program on your PC

Step2: Select the video file to convert to Ipod Video from FLV file format on your PC

Step3: Select Ipod video (Apple QuickTime MOV) from the video convert drop down menu as your conversion output.

Step4: Select video quality conversion from the video conversion quality drop down menu or better still select original to convert the quality of the original FLV to iPod Video via output.

Step5: Select conversion output location to save your file after conversion.

Step6: Click on the "CONVERT VIDEO" button very close to the right side of the bottom side to start conversion and transfer the video to you iPod device for enjoyment at will via USB CABLE or all the like.

Good luck!!!

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