Is Windows 8 really flopping?

Just as I and my roommate went for a short holiday where we were both serving in Bayelsa state capital (YENAGOA) as a corps member after the second term break, not quite long we went home that  he called me and told me he has just bought a DELL laptop with Windows 8 and I was very much exited because I believed it was a great move for someone like my roommate having his own laptop because of his passion but not quite long when we both started observing a kind of flop which gave us a big concern that WHY MUST IT BE FLOPPING (WINDOWS 8)? and upon rigorous
researched we both came to a conclusion that the cause of the flopping might be from either of the following points.

1. Consistence change: As a matter of fact, Windows 8 has drastically changed from its previous version of Windows and as a result of this, it brings unstable mind to it users as another version of Windows may be released soon as well. We both concluded that, Windows 8 was just too fast move for Microsoft.

2. Like mobile, Like desktop: We both believe that Mobile and Desktop should be two different thing entirely with different experience as the case maybe, We are not however saying that the idea of both Mobile and Desktop are interchangeable unlike Mac OS X gradually becoming more like iOS, it cringed me though.

3. Bad marketing: I have tired Windows 8 though, but not until my roommate brought his new DELL laptop with Windows 8 which arouse in us the feeling that Windows 8 is just too fast to be release which brought about bad marketing.

4. Mobile taking the chance of Desktop: This is nothing but obvious truth that Mobile is gradually dominating the world of technology as most people access internet via Mobile and this is killing the target of Desktop gradually.

CONCLUSION: Though, all the above points are from our experience which could in one way or the other bring argument because of priority and individual differences, and if however you have tested Windows 8 you can share your view about the Windows been flop.

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