Ultimate way to improve smartphone photo

When it comes to the issues of phone with good camera snapshot and admirable camera mega-pixel, you can always talk about smartphone as they are dominating the mobile word now a days, but despite the fact that there snapshot are better already you can still go ahead to make them the best with the native photo edit tool.
Now a days many persons rarely print out their snapshot for uploading to social networks rather they prefer taking a shot with their smartphone and upload it to social network with little edit to make it more glitter or no edit at all.

Smartphone such as Android, Windows phone, Symbian phones, iOS, blackberry (Blackberry z10) and Nokia Lumia's are very good in that aspect (Native edit).

In this article, we'll be considering some high techniques or procedure of using the photo editor that are found is some smartphone like Blackberry Z10, Lumia products, HTC one and apple product like iPhone 5.

Almost all the latest smartphone have a native photo editor but the amazing part of it is that those native tool doesn't appear as application and the tools can improve the look of our photos or add more nice look to all snapshot you take with your smartphone with little edit.

Since the native editing tool doesn't appear like app then, you will need to access them via photo gallery. And now I will start to give the native clue to improve you smartphone photo via the smartphone native tool.

1. On Nokia and Blackberry Z10, you can make use of the "CREATIVE STUDIO" utilities to give your photo a nice look as they serve as the best app ever to mix some essential part of your photo with slick enhancement tools

2. HTC one: All still the same in editing your photo on this smart device, go to your photo gallery and open the photo you want to edit, access the HTC one smartphone device editor VIA edit button and four different icon will be display at the bottom of your device screen (Effects, Frames, Retouch and Transform) with each of the icons performing different assignment.

Effects: The effect aspect of this HTC one works like that of Instagram, where you can highlight from the effects and click on the option to preview the effect made on the photo.

Frames: With this, you have the ability to customize the edge/border of the photo like adding air-small, montage and many others.

Retouch: This is like rebranding the photo and this is encompassed with many options which allow you to make do with this option if you have a basic knowledge of adobe Photoshop.

Transform: This pave way for you to be able to crop your photo, view the negative format of your photo and many more.

I believe with this article, you should be able to discover your smartphone native photo editing tool to make it look smarter than ever. If however in one way or the other, you find this article interesting and helpful, why don't you leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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