Ultimate ways to increase Mozilla Firefox security level

For years now, Firefox can be regarded as one of the best and most secure internet browsers. The security level of Mozilla Firefox cannot be compare to any other internet browsers. To let Firefox really out-shined its competitors in terms of security, then the following process or procedure must be fully considered.
Step1: Mozilla Firefox is nothing but the best browser that has the highest rate of add-ons support. In view of this, to fully secure your Mozilla Firefox: a useful add-ons must be chosen, monitoring your browser (Firefox) plugin so as to enable you to pass through the unavoidable security.

 Step2: Unlike other internet browser, Mozilla Firefox has a credible "MASTER PASSWORD" which inhibits anyone from login into an existing site on your browser which you have saved the password, though the saved password can be viewed via Tools---> Option in the Firefox. But, the difference is clear when it comes to "MOZILLA FIREFOX MASTER PASSWORD" which encrypts and at the same time protects the saved password. To enable this great feature of Mozilla Firefox, follow this steps: Menu---> Option---> Security tab---> and follow the "Use a master password interface to proceed” in setting up your security. NOTE: To view the existing password, you must always enter your "MASTER PASSWORD".

 Step3: You must always use a very strong password that cannot be easily guessed (Avoid the use of your name, nickname, and phone number) rather use a combination of number and alphabet or vice-versa. The sync feature in Mozilla Firefox enables it to synchronize your browser existing bookmarks, saved password and other relevant data even from other browsers relevant to Firefox. Firefox and Google Chrome has the same feature of encrypting all synced data but despite that fact, Firefox still have higher security level more than Google Chrome.

 Step4: Firefox take security and privacy there highest priority unlike other browsers, some Firefox basics are enable by default, so it is ADVISABLE to take note that they were not DISABLE in order to ensure high security level. So, there is a need to "VERIFY THAT SECURITY OPTIONS ARE ENABLE” and how do you go about verifying whether the security level of your Mozilla Firefox is enable? Firefox menu--->Option--->security tab---> (warn me when sites try to install add-ons) to disable auto add-ons installation and as well block any sites that reports attack to avoiding being hacked.

 Step5: The best security you can offer yourself and what you have in possession except from the default is to be more smart and vigilant. Good password can be helpful at time and incessant release of your PC with important password information should be proper taken care of and consider the people you deal with. Do you find this tutorial helpful? Your comment will be appreciated.

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