Why Blackberry is far better than an iPhone?

Categorically, blackberry can always be regarded as a business phone, though iPhone amazed everybody and it nearly push blackberry out of the game(Business) but the fact is, it lacks productivity and cherish entertainment. Don't be carried away by glimmy objects Now, lithogically, the best comparism is looking a something you need to have and something you really want (Need vs Want), Meaning that almost evrybody doesn't put much consideration on the inward look but rather
they judge from outward appearance, Not to be personal(Personal compatibility) and discover at the later end that it's not worth having. The brain behind this is that we are easy carried away by glimmy things (Not all that glitters are Gold). STEVE is good at showing people things that shines so as to be excited(Steve is an expert at that). There no grudges that iPhone remain one of the best mobile product on the market but practically, it is far from it as a product that really tend to be, never forget that one maybe a fool if its not in a case due to the level of it Fragility, so expensive and so much attractive but insecure. iPhone is one of the best Smartphone ever created for customers but they was/might be the reason we do go for smartphone. Is blackberry better than an iPhone?

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