Rooted Google Play edition ROM now available for HTC One

Well, that didn’t take long. Using a combination of system dumps, kernels, and a pinch of root, HTC One users (AT&T/T-Mobile/Developer Edition) now have a near-fully functional Google Play edition ROM to flash into. The ROM is everything you’d expect from a near-stock AOSP ROM and is probably as close as you’re going to get to Google Play edition without buying a device on the Play Store.

As it stands, the only part that’s “broken” are the data usage settings, so if you need to closely monitor your data on your current cellphone plan, you might wanna go with one of the many
3rd party apps in the Play Store for now.  My largest complaints when running custom ROMs on my One like.

CyanogenMod and others was the terrible audio quality and lack of LTE — 2 features fully functional in this build. Beats Audio has never sounded so good. Protip: your SD card in Android 4.2.2 is now in the /data/media/0/ folder.

Sure, all those Frankenstein ROMs are great, but at this point in my life, I’m looking for stability. I’m going to run the ROM for the rest of the day and see how it holds up. In the meantime, if you’re rooted and have an HTC One, you’re probably going to wanna give this a shot. For more information about the ROM, link to the thread provided below.

For instructions on how to root your device, here’s the walkthrough I used. Worked without a hitch.