Which phone for a non-techie do you love most

A quick scroll on the first forum page didn't show any similar threads; I apologize if this is a double-post.
So a friend has asked me to buy for him an Android phone. I am more of a WP-person these days (although I do have a Nexus 7), so here I am for advice.

He wants a high-end phone. The Nexus 4 is out of the question, and for him, it's basically either the S4 or the HTC One. My first reaction was to tell him to wait for the "Nexus Edition" of these phones. The thinking was to get him guaranteed updates from Google. But now that they are out, I see some reports that this won't be the case? Btw, chances of him flashing his device are zero. Can anyone please solve for me the dilemma between:
1. S4
2. S4 Nexus Edition
3. HTC One
4. HTC One Nexus Edition

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