BBM for iOS and Android to be launched by blackberry

The latest and most popular instant messaging service [Blackberry Messenger | BBM ] that has been the major reason behind blackberry operating system is to be launched on iOS and Android device respectively by this summer and the app is ultimately going to be free for both iOs and Android device said the C.E.O Thorsten Heins.
Although this might be seem surprise but BBM is at its peak to take its benefits to BB competitor of which are majorly the iOS and Android operating systems.

The C.E.O "Hein" further said that the company have the boldness to announce that the time has finally come for Blackberry messenger (BBM) to become a multi- platform for iOS and Android devices which he tag to be multiple messaging solution.

If you are a BBM user you must have by now known some keywords in your messenger like (D) and (R) representing delivered and read respectively. This BBM almost blew away the standard of text messages and it was obviously envied by other mobile platforms.

In the past years when Blackberry hits its rough patch, it was formally reported as one of the mobile platforms with bright spots. Though there were many calls at that time to make the BBM a multi-platform but the decision to make it single intense mobile platform was as a result of making Blackberry to stand out among the other mobile platforms in mobile market.

Apple as a competitor launched its own BBM messenger competitor with iMessage and other multi-platform such as whatsapp, viber and all the like which have arrived not quite long but have gained a millions users within the time.

Though Blackberry was almost out-shined by app like Whatsapp, and viber because of the fact that BBM is not multi-platform but not like BBM for Blackberry addict or users, nevertheless, Blackberry has chosen

its part to stand out amongst other mobile devices but now their bringing in their BBM to iOS and Android devices but I doubt it if the iOS and Android BBM app would be as perfect as Blackberry BBM.

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