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Today we live in the world of competition where gender differences has been fully put aside, in the blogging industries, Female bloggers are really taking chances of whatever comes on their way in the blogosphere so as to earn even more than a living in online business.
Despite the fact that blogging is stressful but people though it fun, yet some Female/Woman blogger are really striving for the best to take to their heal the chances of making money online including earning from affiliated program since being a woman is not a barrier to
making money both online and offline but am telling you that female/woman bloggers are really doing great.
In this article, we shall be considering TOP FEMALE bloggers in the blogosphere that I know that they are not just a blogger but pro-bloggers.

1. Gina Trapani : She is a self-developed blogger who personally specialize on "SELF IMPROVEMENT" as a niche which really actualized her 6 digit $$$ at the end of every month.

2. Ree Drummond: When it comes to doing what you love doing most, bl2.Ree 2.Ree Drummond: When it comes to doing what you love doing most, blogging over it can really be fun and fetch you some good $$$, Ree specialize on FOOD ingredient and the best of it and indeed she is a pioneer woman

3. Healther & Jessica: H & J are great blogger on fashion, in fact they have really engrossed much of their spirit in the aspect of blogging fashion and they are really doing great in this aspect.

4. Linda ikeji: Linda is a Nigeria blogger who specialize in entertainment niche, Gossip and all the like,in fact her effort in putting things in order in her blog cannot be over emphasize and she making a great name and as well as great earning.

5. Jenny Lawson: This blog is full of laughter; in fact visiting this blog will take away ones sorrow and unhappy end.
The blog contains many things such as life issue, giving your life a new touch, and making things more hilarious.

Conclusion: When it comes to making it in blogosphere, the list of bloggers above are pro-blogger that are really earning more than a living from blogging

My prayer: God, please take me to the positive level which thou have created for me as a blogger.

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