How to Encrypt Windows 7 Hard Disk using BitLocker

Windows is gradually becoming things of the formal since the launch of new Microsoft Windows 8 which almost skyrocket the whole world. Although some persons like myself enjoy Windows 7 but the world of technology is not stable community and that was what brought about upgrade from the previous version of Windows to Windows 8 by Microsoft.
By now, encrypting is no longer a new thing, almost everybody is so much familiar with that statement even from the stable of Android users but before I move to the topic of the day, you might need to know more about the following

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Encrypting Windows 7 gives you more protection over what you have on your PC, such as important documents, pictures, movies, music etc. And  at the same time, it's protect your computer by providing additional means of encrypting your computer after the default protection.

In this article you will be guide on how to protect your Windows 7 via "ENCRYPTION" with the use of BitLocker To Go.

Step1: By now, I believed you must have read about how to protect/encrypt portable devices? If "NO" kindly click here to read it before you proceed because we might be referring to it as from step2 below.

Step2: When the BitLocker To Go encrypted drive is connected to any PC (An encrypt portable device) a pop window will be display prompting you to enter your password to unlock the encrypted device and after that keenly "TICK" automatically unlock on this computer now on (This mean that whenever you connect your encrypted device to that same computer your device will be directly accessed instead of requesting for password to unlock the device)

Step3: Whenever this drive is been connected to Windows (7, Vista, XP etc.) an auto play window will be display and at the same time prompting to install BitLocker To Go reader to be able to read your stored or saved data and at the same time , enter your password from the window that follows and hit unlock.

Step4: A new Window that looks like Explorer will be show up displaying all what you have in your drive or portable device as the case may be, and in an attempt to access any file an option requesting for permission to copy your file to Desktop will pop up a new window, then click on the YES button to proceed and you are good to go.

NOTE: This window does not work like real Windows Explorer

Conclusion: Encrypt both your computer and portable device give peace of mind that non of ones data can be tampered with if at all there is misplacement.

NOTE: You can only copy from BitLocker To Go device to your Desktop and the REVERSE cannot be allowed

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