How to Encrypt Your Android Phone

In this world of technology, it"s obvious hat we are transmitting more of our daily tasks from PC to smartphones, and as a result of this, damages can be done to our device if our device is not properly encrypt including our smartphone.
Without lock screen or any mobile protection, anybody can just dabble into your devices and access your data such reading your mails, accessing your social network account etc.
If however, your phone is locked it may not be enough to protect your phone or to keep your device save.
Encrypting your Android device provide an extra layer of maximum security by creating an extra loop for intrudes to jump through, though it can be cracked but it takes time and sound knowledge with time.
This tutorial or article provides you with step by step guides to "ENCRYPT" your Android device.

Step1: Open security in your "ANDROID" device via "SETTINGS".

Step2: In the security section, you will see an "ENCRYPT" option of your Android device.

Note: Connect your device to a power source or charge your battery full to enhance brightness else it'll be dim.

Step3: If memory SD card slot is available in your device, you may find three option in the "ENCRYPT" option. You can choose one to encrypt or choose both for maximum security.

Step4: If you are encrypting both SD card and phone, you may be required to either use pin or password.

NOTE: If no pin or password was set already, you will get an error message.

Step5: Hence, follow the on-screen instruction to encrypt your device after confirming your password or pin.

NOTE: During this process, you cannot make use of your phone and it may take hours so it is advisable that you should not try to encrypt your device if you are too anxious to make use of your device at that time...Encrypting your smartphone make it more secure than computer

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