How to increase Android smartphone battery?

The rate in which people are falling in love with Android smartphone now is becoming more alarming because of it flexibility, rooting and the screen resolution which make it more durable for blogging and all other internet stuff.
Are you so frustrated about the way your Android smartphone battery got drained with time? Or you find it difficult to charge your new Android phone often and often because of far distance or what you used for?
In this tutorial, am going to share with you some few tips that can strengthen the life of your Android battery even more than expected.

1. Turn off your Android Wi-Fi when not in use: Oh my God! Many people don't really take note of this that when your phone Wi-Fi is on when not in use that it drains battery faster than when it’s off. Do note that when you turn on your smartphone Wi-Fi while not in use it will consistently search for Wi-Fi always like someone searching for something missing and as well avoid making your mobile data available when not in use which drain your battery life than expected.

2. Reduce the brightness: The brighter your phone the more it drains your battery, keep your phone brightness low as possible except when in an outer door and in a sunny environment to preserve the life of your phone battery and also avoid the use of auto brightness as it's as well drain battery life.

3. Remove unused apps: Try to remove all unused apps to help to increase the speed of the phone and as well helps to lessen the drain of your smartphone battery.

4. Disable haptic feedback and touch sound: The sounds and vibration your smartphone exhibit during touch drain your Android smartphone drastically, so avoid the use of this feature in your smartphone to strengthen it battery. As a matter of fact this one of the features I hate most in all phone most especially smartphone like Android.

5. Charge your phone battery properly: This one of the best way you need to practice in order to make your smartphone battery last longer, make sure you consistently charge your phone properly and avoid the use of your Android smartphone while charging.

Conclusion: Practically, if all these are practically carried out, you will experience a wonderful change in your Android smartphone battery strength.

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