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The universe is becoming more digitals than before and everything is becoming mobile. In our society today, the use of portable devices for electronic media is becoming very high but the CHANCE of getting them damaged or lost if not properly taking care off is very high. With a single FLASH drive or other PORTABE device like EXTERNAL disc, the whole life cycle of a nation, state, company, organization, individual data etc. can be kept in it for the sake of MOBILITY and DURABILITY instead of carrying a bulk of load and also well in place of internet via the mail.

Before we proceed to the main aim of this article, I should let you know that ENCRYPTING you portable device can be very much important a times though some people don't appreciate this but the advantages of ENCRYPTING portable device cannot be over emphasized, most especially when the device is prone to misplacemrnt or get lost as the case may be.

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Despite the proper management of our portable device, it can still be faulty in a way that it cannot be accounted for BUT this article is ready to guide you on how to successfully ENCRYPT your portable device with "BitLocker To Go" on Windows operating system.

                                                     How does BitLocker To Go works?

BitLocker To Go is an app that allow user to password their portable device via encryption, so as to restrict direct access to the device. And basically, we all know the usefulness of password and how assured we are when our valuable devices such as "MOBILE" is fully secured with a restricted password?

When a portable device is been connected to the PC, instead of giving direct access to the device via the normal pop-up window, a window will pop-up instead requesting for password upon "ENCRYPT" and without the correct password, all data on the device cannot be access, isn't that great?

NOTE: Do bear in mind that this app must be install on a PC before "ENCRYPTION" can take place.

Following the step below, encrypting your portable device will be much easier in a simple step (Just 5 steps)

Step1: Connect your portable device e.g. USB FLASH to your PC and turn "ON" BitLocker To Go by right clicking on the drive.

Step2: Just wait for some minute for the app to fully initialize your device for the next step to begin.

Step3: After the initialization, a window will be pop up for you to enter a "PASSWORD" to restrict access to your device, enter a desire password and choose a befitting option from the pop up window and click "NEXT".

Step4: This step is very vital, another window will be display for you to save a copy of recovering file or key depending on the option you choose from the step 3 above and hit "NEXT".

NOTE: The file downloaded or saved in the step above must be noted for recovery purpose in due time.

Step5: Oh, the real job begins; after the above steps, the next thing is to click on "START ENCRYPTING" button to begin to encrypt your device and the progress of the encryption will be display on the screen in percentage.

Step6: Finally, a complete window will be display after the proper "ENCRYPTION" and your device is fully protected.

NOTE: Use a memorable password and keep a copy of your password or file recovery save.

Conclusion: Encrypting your portable device gives you a rest of mind that if your device got lost or misplaced it cannot be accessed by an authorized person.
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How to Encrypt Windows 7 drive with BitLocker To Go

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