How to schedule blogger post

The word blogging or blog is no longer a new thing in the present day world, but to this end, many blogger find it difficult to post new article to their blog consistently and there was a saying that says  and I quote "no blog post is better than bad one" as long as its well structured.
Posting consistently helps blogger to gain Google search index often, although it is not an easy task sitting in front of your laptop and start typing your blog post everyday, the reward might not be encouraging as the rays emitted from the machine (Computer) do affect ones's eyes in
one way or the other or if you are taking blogging as per-time job, there will be need for you to schedule your blog post for the time to come when you are  not going to be chance to write any article talk-less of writing new post.If stumbling upon this article is by mistake or via Google search engine or other search engine then, I congratulate you because in this tutorial I’ll  show you how a  blogger  on a blogger platform can simply post to there blog at appropriate time even when they have no active data bundle plan or  access to wireless network but this tutorial will actually encourage you to write as many as possible blog post when you have control over the time and publish them at a scheduled time.

                                  HOW TO SCHEDULE BLOG POST FORPUBLISHING

Step1: LOGIN into blogger account click NEW POST   as show in the image below

 Step2: In the posting interface click on POST SETTINGS and click SCHEDULE as shown in the image below

Step3: Select the DATE, MONTH AND TIME, then click SAVE .

NOTE: You can do follow this simple steps to schedule as many post as you can.