Top 5 best Android app

Android device have over 500,000 games and app that have really shake the mobile world in all ramification, although one cannot begin to test this app one after the other from Google store or by downloading it to one’s device and that is the main reason behind this article.

We have keenly made our research via he Google app store and with have successfully come out with Top 5 best Android app for your Android.
To really make your Android yours and enjoy some full function of Android, some app must be install on your Android device to fully enhance its usefulness and the app below are worth of trial because a trial has convinced me.
1. Battery Core Live Wallpaper: Core wallpaper shows the most vital part of your device such as battery percentage, voltage, charging or not charging when connected.
This app work according to the level of percentage of your Android battery, the higher the level of you device battery the brighter the app and the lower the battery of your Android device the lower the app brightness and will at the same time display some text showing the current status of your Android battery.

A small battery gauge in the app gives the amount of battery level in your Android device, although this app consume some memory but the particle effects for the sake of minimizing the memory, smaller battery use and faster loading capacity when returning back to the home screen.

The latest update of this app may require for the change of the app scaling factor menu due to the app bug and stability {Stabilization} fixes

NOTE: This app has a PRO version with a great feature

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2. GoComic: This app is totally free with very vital and un-doubtable features, the content  of this GoComics app update on daily basis, bring constant update of latest work from a crucial / critical acclaimed creators, Pulitzer prize award winning political cartoonists including the hottest-up and up-growing talent.

Some the vita features of this app are; Ability to bookmark favourite comics, sharing comics through Facebook, Twitter, and other social network including E-mail/text message and ability to have access to comics that has been in existence years back (Up to two decade).

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NOTE: Though this app is free but you can upgrade to PRO version if your find it worth.

3. Round R : This is a "WOW" app, it’s an open source app that round the corner of the  screen of your Android device, With the app full settings, user can adjust the radius of the screen corner cover by the app and at the same time specifying which corner of your Android device is to enable or disable.

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4. My purchase: Hey, don't be scared; the app doesn't goes as the name implies. This app seems to work with Google store which provide an overview of where all your purchase app were in the Google app store with a short period of time.This app breaches gap between the missed out Google overview and provide the overview over all your purchase items ranges from apps, music, books and other devices or gadgets.

NOTE: My purchase is not a Google app and the display app is depending on the number of app you have bought.

5. AntTek Quick Settings: This app works like SYMBIAN default program, this app allow user to quickly alter the setting of their Android device, any launch app, make an urgent call.

NOTE: This app work with almost all Android devices even without being rooted.

AntTek Quick Settings brings bean quick settings to Android 2.1 and above with enormous number of customization beside the regular settings and some of which are: Toggle settings, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, app launcher, hidden system activities etc.,

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Conclusion: Though Android apps are very many but this five stand out among others