Top 5 Windows phone app

Do you love spending more time on your Windows phone? Or you have being spending time playing with your Windows phone already but with these app am about to mention here, you'll love to play with your windows phone the more than ever.With the  Xbox one heading to shelves later this year.

In view of this reason, the five applications am about talking about will make differences on how you do play with you Windows phone before you read this post.

1. Shazam  : You might be familiar with this app already since it work on both Android and iOS platform a while now, and if however you are hearing about it for the first time, then knowing this is a great move and a nice coincidence.
Shazam app is a unique app for music discovering, and the best app to convince people around that smartphone are really the magic mobile in the world of mobile phone, and at the same time Windows phone.  

NOTE:  Shazam work on both Windows phone 8 and 7.5 OS.

2. Amazing Alex  : Just like other amazing game, if you have a great game on your Windows phone then you must have game like Rovio's other game, Angry bird and Bad piggies. This Windows phone app is puzzler game which aimed more at kids.

The real idea of Amazing Alex is to develop elaborate contraptions using some household gadgets or items which make use of items like boxing gloves, springs, balloon etc.

With the app, you can create your own item like machines, chain reactions and devices that will exhibit exact tasks like tidy Alex's bedroom.

It's fun, rewarding and really challenging when one finally solve a level and more of it is that, there is more room for a bit  of creativity and items need not to be rearranged in a specific way always.

NOTE:  Amazing Alex works on Windows 8.

3. Instance : This an alternative to the long awaiting instagram app for windows phone app for all users.

For a while now, Instance is the best alternative to the Instagram app, an unauthorised instagram app called itsdagram allow user to upload pictures from there device to the instagram network, able to crop them, resize, add filter and all sort of picture editing.
NOTE: Instance only work on Windows 8.

4. Asphalt 7 : What a wow game I love and cherish so much, there are almost six Asphalt game already and Asphalt love are still longing for more, which pierce via my heart that, they must have been offering great app and the latest Asphalt 7 is indeed a nice move.

Though it has an exception on mobile platform, it has a great design graphics, the sound of the game is fantastic, and boasts almost a roster of 60 licensed cars.

NOTE: Asphalt 7 keenly on Windows 8.

5. Camera 360 : I can personally tell you that, there is no single different between this app and Camera+ for iOS and as long as you have this app on you device, you'll not be making use of your in-built device camera any longer.

View : I believe all these apps worth sharing on this blog? Do you really love all this apps? Share you favourite Windows apps in the comment box.